12-Wholesome Alternatives To Rice For A Healthier Diet

For those looking to diversify their diet or find healthier alternatives to rice, there are several wholesome options available.
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10-Amazing Health Benefits Of White Tea

White tea is one of the most delicately processed varieties of tea, known for its subtle, refined flavor. Made from the young leaves and buds of the Camellia sinensis plant.
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9 High Cholesterol Morning Drinks To Cut LDL levels Naturally

Lowering LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, often referred to as "bad" cholesterol.
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7 Plants Based Sources For Collagen To Help Keep You Ageless

Collagen is a key protein in the body that helps maintain skin elasticity, joint health, and overall structural integrity. While collagen itself is not found in plants (as it's derived from animals),
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Popular Indian Breakfast Options To Try At Least Once

Indian Breakfast
Indian cuisine offers a rich array of breakfast options that are both delicious and varied across different regions. Here are some popular Indian breakfast dishes that you should try at least once:
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10 Amazing Gujarati Dishes | The Best of the Food of Gujarat

10 Amazing Gujarati Dishes 1
Gujarat often associated with dhokla, khakhra, and Gujarati Thali, offers a diverse range of cuisines from four major regions: North Gujarat, Kacch, Kathiyawad, and Surti Gujarat, each with its own.
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9 Amazing Eucalyptus Oil Benefits You Need to Know

Eucalyptus Oil
9 Amazing Eucalyptus Oil Benefits You Need to Know 1. Silence a cough 2. Keep the bugs away 3. Disinfect wounds 4. Control blood sugar 5. Soothe cold sores 6. Ease joint pain 7. Freshen breath.
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Vitamin D Foods: 10 Vitamin D-rich foods one Should have daily

vitamin d
10 Vitamin D-rich foods one Should have daily 1. Mushroom 2. spinch 3. Avocado 4.Sweet Potato 5. Broccoli 6. Salmon 7.Eggs 8. Banana
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Warriors conquer late-game demons in eye-opening win vs. Lakers

Lakers vs warriors
The 2024 season has seen the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors locked in a close battle. Both teams currently hold a 30-26 record, placing them in the precarious Play-In tournament zone.
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Top 10 Most Expensive Watches in The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Watches in The World 1.Patek Philippe Stainless Steel 2.Jacob & Co. Billionaire Watch 3.Rolex Paul Newman Daytona Ref. 6239 4.Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication 5.Chop
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